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These Terms and conditions summarise the regulations and limitations for the usage of Mindtrilogy's Website, found at https://mindtrilogy.com/.


By accessing the website we believe you acknowledge these terms and conditions. Never continue to use the Mindtrilogy website, if you do not acknowledge these terms and conditions wording on this webpage.


The subsequent terminology uses to these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement and Disclaimer Notice and all Agreements: 


These words- You, and Your refers to you, the individual logs on this website and uses the website. The user should be respectful of the Company’s terms.


These words- Company", Our, Ourselves, Us, and We, refers to our Company Mindtrilogy. 


These words- Party, Parties, direct to both the User and Clients. 


All terms direct to the submission, approval and review of data processing for the necessity to undertake the operation of our service to the Client in the most suited method for the express intention of meeting the Client’s conditions in regard to the requirement of the Company’s stated assistance, in agreement with plus subject to, the general law of India


Any usage of the upper mentioned wording or other words is assumed as synonymous and therefore as guiding to the same.



What Are Cookies:

These cookies are small files stored on your computer or mobile device, via you access any website. The Mindtrilogy always use cookies to enhance the overall user experience.


How We Use Cookies:


Tracking Cookies Data:

We use cookies and equivalent tracking technologies to analyse the activity on our website, and we maintain specific information. Cookies are electronic files with a short amount of information that contains anonymous unique identifier tags. Cookies are transmitted to your web browser from any website and kept on your device. 



Examples of Cookies we use:

  •   Session Cookies: We employ Session Cookies to operate our website.
  •   Preference Cookies: We use Preference Cookies to recognize your preferences and different settings.
  •   Security Cookies: We apply Security Cookies for security goals.
  •  Advertising Cookies: Advertising Cookies may be used to serve you with relevant job advertisements. For more details on  Google Analytics cookies, please visit the official Google Analytics webpage.

Disabling Cookies:

You can instruct your web browser to decline all cookies. Nevertheless, if you do not accept cookies, you may not be able to utilize the full potential of our website.


For more public information on cookies, please visit our Privacy Policy page. However, if you are still looking for additional details, then you can contact us via one of our preferred contact modes:

Email: support@mindtrilogy.com



Unless differently stated, the Mindtrilogy website owner holds the intellectual property rights for all contents and published materials on Mindtrilogy. All rights are reserved via the intellectual property act (IPA 2014). You will only access the Mindtrilogy for your own personal use or the clients will browse the website for their IT hiring needs. All these services are subjected to conditions specified in the terms and conditions webpage.


You must not:

  • Copy contents from Mindtrilogy
  • Sell, rent or license contents from the Mindtrilogy website.
  • Duplicate and reproduce materials.
  • Redistribute content from Mindtrilogy, unless you have the written authority.


These Terms and Conditions initiate on the date of 28/02/2022.


Parts of the mindtrilogy website offer a possibility for users to get employment from the jobs section. They alternatively need to provide various personal information like- name, age, address, educational qualification, communication number, etc.

Mindtrilogy does not filter, edit, publish or review your uploaded data. Different employers or clients may have access to your basic information, in order to offer you a suitable job according to your profile.


Any data fabricate is strongly prohibited by the Mindtrilogy. We always try to keep authentic staff profiles. Yet, due to data falsification or other technical issues, the Mindtrilogy may take action and involve authorities if needed.


The Mindtrilogy shall not be liable for the false information or any damage caused by that. Any client may take legal action against the fake profile or candidate if they want to. The mindtrilogy only creates a bridge between IT job seekers or IT experts with any possible employer.



Mindtrilogy reserves the right to monitor all profiles and to remove any profile, which can be believed inappropriate, fake or provoke an infringement of these Terms and Conditions.


You warrant and represent that:

  • You are allowed to search for a job or upload your CV for such intention.
  • The uploaded information do not invade any intellectual property right, or carry fake personal data.
  • The profiles, that don't have the necessary authentical level, may get removed by our support.
  • Any personal information obtained from our website will not be used to solicit or advertise a business or present commercial actions or unlawful exercise.

You hereby grant Mindtrilogy a non-exclusive license to browse and use the website. You don't have the right to reproduce any materials, edit the website, or authorize others to any unlawful activities.


Hyperlinking to our Content:

The following institutions may link to our Website without initially written authorisation:

  • Multinational organizations
  • Recruitment agencies,
  • Government agencies,
  • Search engines, 
  • Others.


These institutions may access our public data and candidate information, in the event of any emergency or general. The mindtrilogy do not be responsible for any misuse of the information. 


We may consider and assent other linking proposals from the following classes of institutions:

  • educational institutions
  • commonly-known client
  • business information sources;
  • trade associations and law firms.
  • online directory distributors;


We may approve link requests from these communities if we decide that: (a) the link would not redirect to inauthentic services; (b) the alliance does not have any negative histories with us; (c) it bring benefit to our job seekers or potential candidates.


These organizations may connect with our website, only when they have a positive result towards offering jobs to the needy.


The organizations, mentioned above should inform the mindtrilogy before they link with our website or post on our behalf. They should contact us, with their full documentation, and purpose. Without any written authorization, such work should be considered against the law and punishable according to the Indian Information act.


Never use Mindtrilogy's logo or additional artwork or trademark without written authorization. This will shatter the T&C and other license agreements between you as a client or user and the Mindtrilogy.


Without initial authorisation and written clearance, you may not construct frames around our Website that alter in any way the visible presentation or impression of the Mindtrilogy website.

Content Liability:

If you hyperlink Mindtrilogy's web pages to your website, we shall not be held liable for any unsuitable content that emerges on your website. You consent to defend and defend us against all suits that are ascending on your Website. We don't be responsible for any of your unauthorized activities.

Your Privacy:

Please read our Privacy Policy:

Reservation of Rights:

We keep the right to request that you terminate all URLs or any respective link to our Website. You agree to immediately delete all URLs to our Website upon demand. We also hold the right to amend these terms and conditions plus their linking guideline at any time. When you keep constantly linking to our Website, you should conform to be bound to and follow our linking terms and conditions.

Removal of links from our website:

If you find any objectionable content or offensive third-party URL, you are free to contact and notify us at any point. We may consider recommendations to remove such 'objectionable content or offensive third-party URLs'; but we are not bound to perform so and maintain further communication with you instantly.


We do not 100% ensure that the public information, uploaded by users on this website is accurate. Although, our support team is doing its best by filtering fake profiles and false information uploaded by the users. We always try to provide authentic data to our clients. This website is free to use for any users and clients.


As long as the mindtrilogy website and the details on the website are delivered free of cost, we will not be responsible for any casualty or damage of any essence.