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Contract IT Staffing Service by Mindtrilogy is a great opportunity to expand any business furthermore eventually. We are considered as a leading player in India and abroad for our IT staffing service. Our resources are presently working in the pan Indian different business including big MNCs. From our point of view, every business needs sudden expert help in the form of contractual employees. No matter you like to have an expert for the long term or a 'team of ten' people for your new project, the Mindtrilogy will help you eventually! Our custom client service and pricing become legendary in this field.

The hiring process

We simplified the hiring process into four different steps. They are-
Your requirements: Firstly, you need to provide your necessary requirements and time window and the number of staff you seek for your project or business.
Candidate list preparation: Then we shortlist the candidate list from our existing database as per your needs. We will send the list to you for your final authorization.
Selection: Then you need to select the person or persons according to your needs. In this stage, all the paper works will be done and the new employees will start working for you.
Reconsideration: After the contract period, if you like to reconsider them as your valuable employee, you can stretch the contract or ask for new experts. We are always keen to help everyone regarding this

Advantages of Mindtrilogy's contract IT staffing service

We offer a substantial contract and expert professionals as our contractual IT staffing service. You don't have to go through any problematic selection or hiring process. All will be provided from our side. You also don't face additional liability with your contractual staff. The prices will be negotiated during the contract preparation, and it will become much more affordable for our delighted custom client servicing. For any questions or queries, feel free to reach us.

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